Introduction Of Tasmanian Devils To Mainland Australia
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Could it be possible that the Tasmanian devil has been reintroduced to the Australian mainland sometime following European settlement? The concept seems reasonable.

Introduction theories

The first obvious way in which the devil may have been reintroduced to mainland Australia is through intentional import. It seems reasonable to presume that over the period of the past 200+ years, any number of devils may have been shipped across, to any number of wildlife sanctuaries or zoos, or even for private ownership.

Of these, it is possible that any number may have been released either intentionally or accidentally on the mainland. Some accounts credit many of the mainland devil captures to the possibility of their being zoo escapees.

The task of determining where and when devils may have been brought across to the mainland is enormous. As much as we'd like to research these data, it is probably beyond the scope of at present.

Healesville Sanctuary and the Coramba Day floods

One example of events which may have led to the accidental release of Tasmanian devils on the mainland occurred on Coramba Day.

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