Grantville Devil


Roadkill devil discovered outside Grantville, Victoria

At 7.00am on Thursday 26th March, 2009, a Tasmanian devil roadkill was found about 2km south of Grantville, Victoria. Initial media reports described the location as being near Wonthaggi but reliable sources have confirmed to Mainland Devils that its location was about 2km south of the Grantville Glen Alvie Rd.

The devil was being described as warm to the touch upon being discovered.

Newspaper "The Weekly Times" contacted the Maru Koala Park which lies only 500 metres away and received confirmation that the park had in fact lost a male devil only 2 weeks prior.

The Weekly Times reported park manager Neroli Heffer as saying staff had been searching night and day and were very disappointed to hear of its fate.

Although it has not officially been confirmed, it seems likely the dead devil was the escapee from Maru Koala Park.

Mainland Devils received an unrelated devil sighting report in November 2007 from the owners of a 10 acre property near Cranbourne South, approximately 50km north of Grantville.

The witnesses were very surprised to see a devil on the outskirts of Melbourne but recalled receiving a leaflet in the mail box 12 months prior asking for people to report if they had seen Tasmanian devils in the area.